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7 Tips to Enjoy Your Stay at a Pet Friendly Hotel

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Pet friendly hotels make traveling for pet owners easy because they can take their pets along and not have to make extra plans for them while away on vacation. If you have decided to take your entire family including your pet on a trip, then you should be sure that it is not going to give you any trouble while on vacation. It is important to remember that even pet friendly hotels have some restrictions with pets. Find out in advance what the pet policy is in the hotel that you are checking in to so you are able to plan accordingly for an enjoyable hotel stay.

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  1. Take pets that are easy to control. This is especially important for dogs because you might need to take them with you on most of your trips around the hotel or surrounding areas. A dog that is obedient to commands will be so much easier to handle during your hotel stay compared to an irritable dog that does not obey its master.
  2. Carry a pet that is used to having people around to keep unnecessary barks and other reactions minimal when in an area with a huge number of people. It can get extremely tedious trying to control a pet that does not like being around a considerable group of people.
  3. Carry all pet items you need to give it a more comfortable normal time at the hotel. Most pet friendly hotels offer a number of items for your pets but you should find out what more you might need for the pet to give it a better time.
  4. Make sure you adhere to the hotel pet policies to keep misunderstandings at bay. If you are not allowed to leave your pet unsupervised inside your room then make sure you do not leave it. If you need to cage the pet to keep it off the hotel beds, couches and furniture then make the stay pleasant by following the rules.
  5. If taking a dog or a cat, make sure that it is well trained especially when it comes to toilet issues. Nothing can be worse than a pet that litters the hotel room with waste; it will not only be frustrating for you but also for the hotel staff. Carry what you need for the pet so you maintain the same order you have at home.
  6. Ensure that your pet is properly fed during your stay. Hungry pets can be very noisy, irritable and uncontrollable. If necessary, carry pet food or make arrangements to purchase some so your pet remains well fed throughout your stay. There are hotels that offer treats for the pets but it helps to make your own plans to cater to the feeding needs of the pet.
  7. Let the dog enjoy the trip too by making plans for any walking or massage services there could be. You can also take it along to enjoy some of the activities your family will be engaging in.


Pet friendly hotels in Tulsa South can ease your family travel but make sure you know the hotel pet polices and adhere to the pet rules to have an enjoyable stay at the hotel of your choice.

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